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Default Main Activity part 3 (Heath is fanboying over the Star Wars pumpkins btw!) xD
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Norman liked what he saw as he made a second trip around the room. His head turned toward the two first years (Gaeltheos and Burke) as he overheard their comments about their pumpkins. “That’s okay,” he said with a small encouraging smile. “Getting the exact pumpkin you visualized takes time and lots of practice. The main thing is that you made any pumpkin appear.” Impressive feat itself, especially for one so young!

Mr. Nam’s progress was proof of that point. While Norman could tell from the frustrated sigh that the result was still not what the boy envisioned, it was a significant improvement. Better proportions, nice consistent color… He was going to point that out, but the boy appeared lost in thought. Rather than break his concentration by speaking, he offered a smile and a thumbs-up instead.

Miss Nam was also making good progress. While Norman couldn’t be sure if the white and pink polka-dot color scheme was a deliberate choice, it was certainly an eye-catching one! Nice shape too! “Very nice, Miss Nam,” he said. His blue-green eyes followed the girl to Mordaunt’s desk, and he saw the Star Wars pumpkins. There was no way those could’ve been an accident! “Creative designs, Mr. Mordaunt!” he praised, giving the boy a knowing look. Yes, he knew what Star Wars was! “Keep at it, you two!”

Blaze’s words got a shake of the head. “That’s because you’re still learning,” he replied. “The more you practice, the less difficult it gets.” She should’ve seen his first attempt at Melofors! It was all bumpy and shriveled and looked more like a shrunken head than a pumpkin! He watched with a smile as a perfect pumpkin appeared. “See? Great job, Miss Blaze!”’

For the record, Norman wouldn’t have thought Cambridge was having trouble if he saw her still decorating her skull. He would’ve thought she was simply taking her time with the details. As it was, there was a transparent pumpkin sitting on the girl’s desk as he walked by. He was almost certain that was a deliberate choice. One would have to try to get a transparent pumpkin! “Excellent work, Miss Cambridge!”

Someone else who had nice pumpkins? Blackthorne. Her work earned an approving nod and words of praise. “Very good, Miss Blackthorne!”

Glancing at his watch, Norman saw it was time to move on and made his way to the front once more. “Last step, everyone!” he addressed the class, pausing to allow time for them to find a stoping place and pay attention. “After you’ve finished conjuring your pumpkins, you’ll need to carve them. I have plastic knifes up front for you to use -” He reached behind his desk for a small box containing the knifes. “-or you can use the Severing Charm.”

He demonstrated each method by carving silly faces on the two pumpkins he conjured earlier, using the knife on the tall red-orange one and magic on the smaller bumpy one. “You can carve a simple hole to show the decorations on the skull inside, silly faces, any design you want. The point is to make a gap for light to shine through.” It wasn’t a true jack-o-lantern without light! Speaking of which…

“These skulls are charmed to light up and cackle. To make them start, tap the top of of your pumpkin once,” he continued, picking up the nearest pumpkin. He tapped it once, and light shone through the carved face as it cackled. “To stop it, tap twice,” he said, this time a little louder to be heard over the cackling, and tapped the top of the pumpkin twice. “Keep up the good work, and be very careful with the knives!”

OOC: For the final part of the main activity, your student needs to carve their pumpkins using either magic or one of the plastic knives provided. Feel free to use this time to catch up on the previous steps as well! To recap:

Step 1: decorate the three plastic skulls on your student's desk
Step 2: Conjure pumpkins around the skulls using Melofors.
Step 3: Carve a design into the pumpkin.
Step 4: Make the jack-o-lantern light up by tapping the top of the pumpkin with your wand. Tap twice to make it stop.

We’ll move on to the mini activity in ABOUT 22 HOURS!
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