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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
"They probably would have gone extinct. They started off with just soil, but it can't have been working too well if they also need to eat bugs." Plus, they didn't eat that many bugs. Less than a dozen a month. They didn't like, make bugs extinct. Plus, Ash didn't see a problem with the natural food chain. If the predator animal/plant caught its food, then that animal deserved it. And if the prey escaped, then it deserved it. Everyone needed to eat, Venus Flytraps included.

"Might not have been worth it, but you all survived, so not all bad." Plus, Eden made Emm shoot sardines out of her nose! Respect.

"I wanted to make a charity for muggleborns, and maybe one to get people their school supplies if they can't afford it. And maybe one offering free therapy. I know, that is so scandalous. I was obviously flirting, right? She snorted. Just kidding. She assumed that Emm either didn't know what they were talking about, or was just a huge idiot. Because when Ash wanted to flirt, she didn't talk about her own life. She talked about the other person's life and their mutual hobbies. The less someone knew about her, the better.

"I don't know where me and Sammy are at. I stopped avoiding him, but... I don't know. It could be worse. It could be better." A lot of things could be. Emm could be nicer, eliminating this problem. Ash could have stayed away, eliminating this problem. They could all die horribly, eliminating this problem in the worst way possible. You don't wish for a different life, because it could come true in the worst way possible. She learned that somewhere down the line. You wanted to not be a witch? Well, the pureblood supremacists would happily take care of that. You wanted to not go to the dumb propaganda classes they taught? They had a couple mirrors you might wanna try... wishes were the most twisted things of all, just looking and looking for a dangerous loophole.

"Of course the third one is Cambridge. Nobody else quite gets the honor. Not even Nem. Not even Kizzy. Not even all the people who pretend to like me, but are really just posers. My enemy list is special to me y'know." She smirked. "Not just any person who doesn't like me gets to be paid attention to. I would have too many enemies if I did that." Plus, Ash found it amusing for people who spent all their time judging her to find put that she really did not care.

"I don't understand either. Memories aren't supposed to work like that. You can't suddenly have a photographic memory, or at least I don't think so. You don't come out of a mirror and suddenly change like that. You just don't." Ash figured that the fact that she had a photographic memory coming out of the mirror meant that there was something seriously wrong. And she didn't know how to fix it, how to put it back so that she only had a very good memory instead. She wanted it gone. Because she thought it would mean she was okay, if it was gone. That the effects of the mirror were gone. That everything was normal. That she really was fine, and not just pretending.
They could have evolved in, like, so many other directions to make the soil work for them. But Quinn chose not to vocalize that, because then it would be a quasi-argument over something stupid. Instead, he just finished it off with, "Yeah, I guess. But I definitely would rather man-eating hedges didn't exist. Those suck bad, you can't deny." Why would a hedge eat a person? Regular hedges were just fine. They didn't need to eat people and they were still hedges.

Quinn pointedly didn't respond to the not so bad comment. He didn't want to talk about that incident anymore. He had already forgiven Eden for it so there was no use getting upset about it again, but he didn't quite like how Ash viewed it. She may have been fine being threatened with death last term, but he was not. Especially when he was just there—didn't do a single thing wrong!—but he got lumped in for it. So, yeah, in Quinn's opinion, it was pretty bad.

Quinn didn't know much about flirting. He wasn't very comfortable when it came to romance.... he thought that reading about it was nice, or that other peoples' relationships were cute—a lot of the younger kids seemed like they didn't know what they were doing, though, in his opinion. He didn't think that he would be any better if he were to get into a relationship—which, he wouldn't be anytime soon, maybe ever—but the way they did things... maybe not the best way to do things. Aries and Kinsay, for instance. He honestly wasn't sure if you could really call them a couple. Emmerson and Samuel.... he thought that Emmerson would probably ruin that by herself. Either way, romance wasn't for him. No matter how many butterflies he got. Or cheek smooches he gave. Butterflies were deceptive little creatures, and cheek smooches.... were friendly. Friendly cheek smooches. "Well, I think that sounds like a nice charity, at least. If you end up starting it I'd like to help, or at least support it."

Quinn hummed and side-frowned. "Well, I don't think it's fair for you to be down a friend because Emmerson is a horrible person. Samuel should really distance himself from her. But if he's still supporting her after everything she did last term... then he kinda sucks, too, right? Emmerson literally sucks. I don't know one redeeming quality—I mean, I don't know her well, but I don't really want to. And if he still wants to be her friend, let alone boyfriend, after all that? That's basically saying that he doesn't care that she did that stuff. At least, that's my view on it," he shrugged. Quinn didn't have room to give second chances to people who were horrible for no reason. Especially when they showed no signs of remorse. Those people didn't deserve his time or energy, and he didn't know why anyone would allow those kinds of people to be part of their life. If someone sucked, they sucked. End of discussion. And they didn't deserve a second thought.

Hm. He wasn't sure how many people didn't like Ash. She definitely had an abrasive personality, so he could see how she could have a fair amount of people who didn't like her... but he wasn't sure who would be on that roster. Besides the usual suspects. "I guess that makes sense. I hope more people like you than you think, though."

Quinn hummed in thought again. So, it was after she came out of the mirror..? "Have you talked to any of the professors about it? They might know something about what you're experiencing. They could help."
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