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SPOILER!!: Claudine!!
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This smol one was firing off questions as quickly as a firecracker would go off. Claudine eyed her. Inquisitive, wasn’t she, this Lisa? Lisa was her name, right? “Uh, my friend really, really likes him.” And then she was blushing just a hint. “Special friend,’’ Claudine replied casually as though she had just been asked what she had for breakfast. Listen, she wasn’t ashamed or shy about admitting that Heath was her boyfriend. It was just that the girl usually didn’t talk about her personal life nor put it out on display too much.

“Who is Flynn Rider? Is he another Muggle character? Does he fight with lightsabers too?” Ha. Claudine certainly turned the tables on this little chatterbox by bombarding her with questions. Served Lisa right.

Very inquisitive, she was indeed. She wanted to learn everything that she possibly could. Lisa wanted to know everything. She had always been curious about people and how things work. "Oh... Okay," she beamed and nodded. She would have to meet this special friend of Claudine's. Her eyebrows arched when she mentioned that he was a special friend and she let out an excited squeal. "That's amazing! Is it nice to have a special friend?" She wanted to hear aaaaaall about it.

Lisa was happy about all the questions Claudine was asking. She shook her head. "No, he doesn't have a lightsaber." It would have been awesome if HE DID have a lightsaber. Honestly she forgot if Flynn Rider did have a sword. She just remembered that he mostly spent time running around while Rapunzel held the frying pan. "Only one of the coolest and funniest characters of all time. He's got dark swoopy hair which sounds like your special friend so I'm just imagining that your boyfriend is Flynn Rider which makes me think that you're Rapunzel." It all made fantastical logical sense in her ever-imaginative mind.
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