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Default Main Activity Part 2
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From his place at the front of the room, Norman watched the students set about their task decorating the plastic skulls. As he was not particularly artistically inclined himself, he felt it wasn’t his place to critique their work, but he was impressed at the range of their creativity: Evan Nam’s Day of the Dead inspired skulls; Blackthorne’s sugar skulls; Blaze’s festive use of flashing letters; Gaeltheos’s bright colors and spiders; James’s glitter; Burke’s makeup looks; Adara-Stark’s silly faces; Lisa Nam’s ducks and goose. The top hat on one of the ducks may have gotten a smile from him.

He glanced toward Flamsteed, curious to see what the boy would do with his skulls. The glitter spill did not go unnoticed, but he saw no reason to say anything about it. He simply drew his wand and aimed it at the spilled glitter on the floor, intending to vanish it before it made an even bigger mess. He’d deal with the glitter on the desk later, so as not to distract Flamsteed from his work.

Looking at his watch, Norman saw it was about time to move on, and he addressed the class, “Great job on your skulls so far! If you need more time to decorate, you can come back to it in a minute. For now, eyes here.” He paused a moment to give the students time to pay attention.

He picked up one of the plastic skulls from his desk and continued, “Once you have your skulls decorated, you’ll need to conjure your pumpkin. First step is to visualize your intended result - this is where the element of creativity comes in. What color is your pumpkin? How wide is it? How tall? How long is the stem? Is it perfectly round? Smooth? Bumpy? Sort of lopsided?” Those were just some examples.

“When you have your concept in mind, cast the spell by making this wand movement - pay attention! This one’s a bit tricky,” he said, demonstrating in the process. “Upward curve to the right, downward curve to the right, U-shape, upward curve to the left; then say, Melofors. If you’ve done this correctly, the spell will emit an orange light.” Just in case, he drew a diagram of the wand movement on the board behind him, along with the following information:

Originally Posted by Blackboard

Pronunciation: MEL-oh-fors
Wand Movement: Click here!
Type: Conjuration
Use: Encases target’s head in pumpkin
Aiming his wand at the skull, he made the wand movement and cast, “Melofors!”Bright orange light shot from the tip of his wand, and soon there was a pumpkin, long and narrow with a red-orange color, concealing the skull in his hand. He set the pumpkin down and picked up another skull, just in case anyone missed the first demonstration. “Melofors!” Another pumpkin, this one short and round with a bumpy texture and a leaf stuck to its stem, appeared.

Setting the second pumpkin down, Norman said, “You have about twenty minutes to practice Melofors on your skulls, starting NOW! I’ll be coming around to help you; just raise your hand if you have trouble.”

OOC: Main activity part 2! For this part, your character needs to practice casting Melofors on their three skulls. Partner/group work is allowed but not required. As always, catching up is allowed. I’ll be posting periodically throughout this part, so if your kid needs help, please indicate in the title of your post. The final part of the main activity will go up in 36-48 HOURS.
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