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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

Of course Rafa was going to be nice to Missa. Rafa was nice to practically everyone- so long as they didn’t distract him from studying or tell him that he was on his way to becoming an overachiever. “Not to worry.” He liked this young woman already. Rafa could also tell that she was a genuine friend. That vibe was heavy in here. Did mother pick that up? And did their darling mother have to always be so… stiff? “Just keep looking out for him. And if he’s ever a bad friend, let me know. I’ll set him right.’’ Grinning, Rafa threw Gabe a wicked grin. Gabe could probably kick his butt in a fight but that wouldn’t stop Rafa.

He hung back, not wanting to get into anyone’s way and also wanting to see how the exchange went between Missa and his mother. Would there be drama? Should he get the popcorn? There was another vibe that he was picking up on: his mother was waiting to pounce on Missa by relentlessly questioning her.

Rafa on the other hand? He just wanted to question Missa about the Auror training procedure for knowledge sake. It would be nice to get a take on the training and career from someone other than his brother. Rafa was sure Gabe skipped out a great bit of the gory details.
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