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The Headsman was so calm, and Nem wasn't sure what to make of it yet; it wasn't unwelcome, just unexpected. How long could he maintain it, if they stopped pulling their punches?

Boredom was not entirely the issue either. A huge part of it, yes, but just a part. "It doesn't go away, not really. I've been trying for years. So." Nem did not intend to say the rest out loud, were clearly ready to drop the matter; it would give away far too much. Potentially inconvenient, if the Headsman started to suspect what he was looking at. They'd always assumed it was obvious, at any rate, that they provoked him and others largely because they were so bored otherwise. Playing with people was one thing they always fell back on, and even then the games quickly grew dull, because hardly anyone was all that interesting. Regardless, it was not exactly an admission they were going to make so readily.

"Matters to me if you're using me for something." Half-true; Nem supposed it should matter, but the idea didn't hurt them like they knew it should, given this was an ostensibly sensitive subject, after the situation with the Big Man. But they didn't exactly like it either. Nem had allowed Lucien Rosier to use them, as his spy or pawn or weapon or whatever, had offered themselves up for just that and knew he thought of them as disposable. But they'd been using him too, more so, even, and had understood the game perfectly.

"I would say that knowing why someone does anything does change a lot, yes." Casual. Nothing obviously pointed. No reason to believe they were making a disastrous misstep. "Don't you think it's a good idea to know the people you're dealing with; in theory, if not in practice? Is that why you played that trick in your lesson today?"

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