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Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
Obviously that's why he would be mad. Ollie hadn't done anything else to deserve the silent treatment. And even if this was the reason, it technically wasn't even her fault! "I can't think of any other reason for him to not send me anything." She hung on to that last word. She had been here for months and nothing. She was so ready to read home for the holidays but wasn't ready to talk about whatever was causing the silent treatment. "It can be hard. But, Pepper keeps me company." She looked down to the cat, giving her a soft smile.

She wished she had an older sibling. Preferably an older brother. Someone she could run around outside with, someone not afraid to get dirty. She was Glad that Evan had that in someone. "Other than my dad, not really. I was really close to my grandmother, but she passed away about a year ago." Ollie was over her passing. It was expected. She was having heart issues, of which Ollie didn't understand the full extent of, and was in the hospital the entire year before she had passed.

What a ridiculous and petty thing for him to be upset with his child about. Evan couldn't help the frown that settled on his face at that. Why couldn't adults just be... adults? Not that it was his business to be upset or have any room to judge her father, but it was hard for his gut to not react given his anger with his own parents still. He hadn't even tried to talk to his Appa. "You're disappointed about the choice too..." Shouldn't her dad be supporting her? That didn't seem so hard to him. "What does your dad do for a living?" Could it be that he had just got busy?

Not that that was still any excuse to not talk to his child. "Well, I'm even double glad you have the kitty. And if you need any other company, I'm usually around the library." He wasn't the best company, but she was welcome to it if she wanted.

He'd been pretty blessed in the sibling department. Three blood siblings, an adopted sister who was... adjusting and a few older cousins who still acted like older siblings as well. Evan was still very attached to Chase as well, and a lot of his spare time was spent locked somewhere practicing dance to Chase's newest album releases. He was sad to hear that she had not had others in her life like that as well. But maybe she wouldn't have wanted them? "I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. Does it help to have Pepper as a reminder of her too?"
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