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He was too distracted to note what the Professor was saying as he kept his head down plastered on the desk. Noah didn't like how that dream go, and if anything, he'd agree that tampering with someone's dream was nasty business. It was an experiment, sure, but it did not change the fact that it had altered his reality a bit. It was something he'd been dreading, and in that rare occasion, it felt a bit too much for the Gryffindor.

The next thing he knew, they were being dismissed. Noah was already up with his bag and bolted for the door, ready to crash in his bed to seek a bit of privacy. A good decompression session would be nice before heading off to his next class. Noah, out of habit (because yes, they literally live in a zoo back home), reached down to give Irvin a gentle stroke on its head, and a quick wave was given to the professor, much like what he did at the beginning of the class. The Gryffindor made a beeline towards the door and off he went to their dormitory.

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