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To be completely honest, Alfred was unsure on where he stood on this Daniel versus V issue. He started off somewhere near the middle, but naturally liking Daniel more drew him closer to the boy, however taking into account Daniel's frequent eruptions and how he was quite a, for lack of a better word, dramatic person drew the young Slytherin closer to V... it was all very complicated. He didn't hate either of them, but Daniel's flair of drama and the fact that V had accused him of not being a good friend meant that he couldn't completely like any of them.

Daniel's sudden exclamation took Alfred by surprise and he jumped a little in his seat out of mild shock. "I said quietly..." He raised an eyebrow at the fact that the Hufflepuff was pinning all of this on a simple shove from V, and recalling his own experience with Daniel in Diagon Alley simply baffled him further. "You made me fall on the ground the first time we met but I still like you." The comment probably didn't help, but the opportunity was right in front of his face and was way too much to just pass over.

Alfred looked over at Lisa's book as she pointed at the draught. "It looks simple enough." Just like Daniel said, a couple of first years like themselves could probably brew it. He lowered his voice to a whisper, similar to Daniel. "I agree - she's not stupid. She won't just take a random cup of tea or something from a first year." He assumed the librarian was smarter than that. One, he himself wouldn't take a random drink from some kid and two, surely anyone who looked after a library had to be smart. He raised his voice back to normal again. "No, I don't know many older students." He personally didn't see the point in getting to know them. One because not many of them would probably want to be friends and hang out with kids and two because they left earlier anyway.

"Yeah, I love ballet." Ballet had become Alfred's coping mechanism when he was angry, so it always had a special place in his heart. "I'd love to come and watch the play. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly." He ignored the misuse of the expression, mainly because he had no idea how to use them properly either. The only expressions and idioms he used were French ones. "I don't know, maybe in the olden days people used to break their legs when performing good roles in plays." The expression made no sense, just like Alfred's poor attempt at guessing how it came to be.

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