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Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
He paused a minute to allow time for the information to sink in before continuing, “That said, there is a certain level of creativity involved in other aspects of transfiguration: application - how we use spells - and visualization - what the end result of your spell should look like. Bearing that in mind, what is an example of a creative use for transfiguration? Some of you already provided one in your last answer; now give me another.”

Remy gulped the candy down and nodded in response to the professor. She couldn't BELIEVE she just broke a classroom rule so carelessly. "Sorry, professor." She replied quietly. Remy peeked a glance over to Ollie, too.

To the question. Hmm... "There's human transfiguration, sir," Remy began. "It's possible to transfigure parts of yourself into animals... or even changing the colour of your hair." Not to be confused with a Metamorphmagus, of course. Remy would be interested in learning that when she was older, but she knew that it was quite dangerous magic.
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