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Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Remy just shrugged. She couldn't help but feel annoyed that her sister hadn't been as responsive as she would've liked, especially during the start of term when she was feeling really rubbish. Her mum and dad had sent many letters, though, so she couldn't complain too much. Ahh, she had a feeling that Ollie didn't have any siblings. "I bet you were spoiled as a child being an only child." She offered a smile. Probably wasn't best to assume, but Remy had seen the compromises you had to make with siblings sometimes.

Eww.... cold. Remy thought about the description Lisa had given of the Ravenclaw common room in comparison and was disappointed that the Headmaster hadn't updated the dingy dungeons. "That sounds... miserable. I wish you could come to my common room." Remy couldn't understand why it was a BAD thing to mix houses. She raised her eyebrows in SHOCK. "WHAT? They yell at you???!" To be fair, she thought it was so cool that portraits had spoken to Ollie. They hadn't spoken to Remy yet. "Do you yell at them back?" Judging people due to their blood status was BAD, even for portraits.

The blonde smiled. Okay, so she KNEW she was a Gryffindor, she always had known, after all. "I suppose. Gryffindors aren't as nice as I thought they would be, though." Can't all be perfect like her.



EXccccuuuuuuse you??? "Uhhh.... nothing...." She quickly said, covering her notebook even more with her arms. GAH, she KNEW Ollie would've seen the hearts written on it. "It's just... I wrote about... I dunno..." Her face was red as a TOMATO. Take a breath, Ollie is your friend. "It's just about someone." She whispered, still not showing her anything.
Ollie couldn't help but take offense to Remy's comment. Thankfully, she had heard this before and was totally okay with debunking the myth. "Not really. My dad has me work for everything I get. Plus, he's not home all the time so I have to fend for myself." This was true. Ollie's dad taught at a muggle university. He was pretty much always there during the week, so Ollie only had time with him on the weekend.

It wasn't misreble... okay maybe it was. It defiantly wasn't Ollie's dream common room. But her whole Hogwarts experience wasn't anything like she imagined, so it made sense. She laughed at Remy "Noo, I don't yell back at them. What's the point? At least I'm alive, they're trapped in a painting!" This made her laugh even more. Though it was a surprise. Ollie didn't realize that having pure blood was a big thing to the Slytherin house, or in general!

As Remy's face turned bright red, she couldn't help but feel a little bad. It was clear she had embarrassed Remy. Wait. What did she say? Someone? OOOOOOoooooooo Remy had a crussshhh. She leaned in closer to Remy "Who?" she whispered. "It's okay you can tell me!" She had to pressure her friend. Ollie was very good at keeping secrets!
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