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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Atlas had really just wanted to take Araneus out for a walk...and while he knew this was a little against the rules, seeing as his special pet needed to stay in the barns area, the second year couldn't help but feel a little bad about her being locked up like that. It was a projection of emotions, yes, but it reminded him entirely too much of what had happened in The Room last term.

...and...of them...

He could beg ask for forgiveness later. Or serve detention. Whichever it turned out. They were two sides of the same coin to the Gryffindor.

Thinking that the treehouse would be a good enclosed space to let her roam around in, the blonde headed on over and carefully climbed up the ladder while using just one hand and cradling Araneus against his chest with the other. He was more than a little disappointed to see that someone else was already here.

...and her of all people.

"Are you leaving any time soon?" asks curtly and unapologetically.
Ash's smile vanished in about 0.2 seconds. Ash had nothing against Atlas Flamsteed. But she thought his question was rude and uncalled for. So...

"No." It was a cold response, and a firm one, but nothing nicer was coming, because Ash wasn't a nice person, not even on her good days. Atlas shouldn't hold his breath. Atlas could take his pet out for a walk or whatever. He could share the treehouse. They could even have a conversation if he was feeling nice and/or stupid. But she was absolutely not leaving. This was a safe place for her and she was happy. What was the deal with Atlas Flamsteed anyway? Why did he hate her so much? Whatever. He could get in line after Cambridge, James, and Gemma. He could get the enemy starter kit, full of notes to gossip about her, mean insults to say, and things to remind himself that it was okay to hate her because she wasn't a real person with feelings and motives anyway.

"I'm drawing Lisa right now, and I'm not leaving until I'm done." She held up her drawing. "See? I'm only halfway." She smiled briefly. Not at Atlas though. Only for Lisa. She could paint faster, but the more he wanted her to get out of his way, the less she wanted to do so. And she was here first. If he wanted to avoid her, her could go somewhere else. "Is it extremely important that I leave right now? Because explosions count as reasons I should leave. You hating me does not count." And judging by his tone of voice, there were no explosions coming. She didn't even switch to a more tense posture, because he wasn't worth ruining her day over.

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