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Quinn Kingsley
Third Year

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Kittredge Flannigan
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Quinn shook his head at the first year. "Oh, no, that's alright!"

Huh. A racetrack. Not exactly what Quinn was expecting. He wasn't really expecting anything specific, but if he was, it wouldn't have been that. He eyed each of the different cars that the Professor had set out... none of them really called to him more than any others. He thought that Cheese Wheelz seemed pretty funny, though.

Quinn eyed Atlas a bit warily. "Um... did you wanna be partners? Or would you rather go with someone else? If you do it's, um... y-you don't have to make yourself be my partner, is what I mean." Okay, maybe that wasn't a very good strategy for keeping it simple, but Quinn still wasn't sure how Atlas was feeling after the whole... everything. He just wanted to make sure... he would rather know now where Atlas stood about still being around him
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