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The laughter did not bother him. He knew how absurd this all looked and at least he didn't look as absurd as his brother with the tiny arms. In fact, the laughter was surprisingly refreshing even this far into term and therefore Atlas found his tainted Gryffindor heart welcoming it.

As Aries entered soon after him and tried to wrangle in the costume that HE had picked out for them, Atlas tried to push the massive T-Rex head back and adjust the little face hole so he could see more easily. Grumbling a few incoherent things about what Aries could do with his grip, the blonde's eyes shifted to Professor Carton when he began his clean up of the Cretaceous size mess he had caused.

And because this was all his brother's fault, Atlas decided that this was a singular Mr. Flamsteed rather than a collective Mr. Flamsteed and therefore the man was solely speaking to his brother. But a couple of words in and suddenly Atlas found himself feeling defensive and, honestly, a bit haughty about the situation. Amazing was being told 'you can't do this' could do to somone. Like putting a roll of bubble wrap in front of him and telling him that he couldn't meticulously pop every single bubble or jump on it to do so or roll himself up in it and make a bubble wrap burrito.

And while Atlas WAS truly apologetic for the mess, and breaking that pumpkin, his brain and mouth were sort of on different playing fields at the moment.

"Pardon me, sir, but we were under the impression that school appropriate meant not revealing too many of your physical assets...which these costumes over compensate for." There was not any attitude in his voice and he spoke more as though he were describing the weather or rattling off some facts about cobalt blue tarantulas. "In the future you might want to specify what exactly 'school appropriate' means to avoid confusion." Air quotes being performed by little claws attached to T-Rex arms was absolutely an absurd sight.

That being said, Atlas had come to a conclusion about his costume now that he had changed sides - though he would always be on the side of his brother. "I'd like my tail shrunk, please."

As for whether or not Transfiguration was limited in its creativity or not...well... There was laws of magic that were followed. Sure, Transfiguration had these fancy official sounding things with Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration, but that didn't mean that every other area of magic was exempt from guidelines.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world," Atlas quoted his dad who had quoted someone else."The only thing limiting creativity is narrowmindedness. Constraints, like laws of magic, are powerful enablers more than hinderances."

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