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Uh. Matt should be used to these kind of spells by now, but truth be told, he wasn't really. It was a pretty cool thing to watch, though, he should make a point of learning that spell sooner than later! And it proved to be quite useful too.

"Oh yeah, I saw her on Level One not too long ago! Delyth! Yeah, Delyth Dominique." Bloody hell, Matt had spoken to that woman not too long ago at all and now... she was gone?? Merlin, the security in this place should be a bit--


Ahem, anyway.

Matt was so used to people around him being startled and holding onto his arm/shoulder that it was like he hadn't even felt when Conley did it. It was only when he apologised and let go that the Auror realised. Not a bother at all.

What could Delyth be doing down there? "Well, y'know, they might've run out of refreshments up on Level One. And maybe Levels Two and Three too, so she came down here to see if they had any?" He was totally not speaking from experience he was. "Or um... she could be going down to the Atrium. Not sure why she wouldn't take the lifts instead, though."
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