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Default I'm so sorry Quinn is screaming and I can't not post about it in this moment
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Quinn reddened a bit at Avalon's compliment. "Thanks... I think it came out pretty well, considering I just kinda threw it together..."

Quinn trailed off as he saw some.... thing... trying to make its way through the door. What was...? Oh. Oh no. That was Atlas. Quinn's mouth creeped into a smile that he attempted to cover as Atlas attempted to make his way throughout the room carefully with the least degree of success that Quinn was pretty sure he had ever seen. He was already giggling from the first set of skulls Atlas managed to knock over, and the further he got into the classroom the bigger his laughter became. Quinn even got smacked in the face by the tail, but he was already doubled over in a fit of giggles and he didn't even care. The last straw was when Atlas knocked over the jack-o'-lantern, and Quinn fell out of his seat, face beet red, tears streaming from his face as he wheezed, barely breathing from laughing too hard. How long had it been since Quinn had a good laugh like this? Too long, apparently.
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