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All of the sudden the dancing was OVER, and V pouted at her little gal!group. Lisa, Remy, and Ollie. She wasn't even paying a SINGLE LICK of attention to anything Lisa said but just viiiiiibed with the music until it ended, and she crossed her arms over her chest.

And immediately she was lost. There was a reason she didn't like Ancient Runes. Because...well, it was hard for V, and she didn't like when things were hard for her.

The story was long, V lost interest and started counting the strands of hair on Daniel Yoon's head that were out of place, and soon he was asking them questions about things she hadn't kept up with and hadn't done the reading on. So she remained quiet. Best not to look like a complete fool.

"Maybe you had us dance because you're trying to start a dance crew and were trying to recruit us. I know that doesn't have to do with runes, but that's the only guess I have," she said as shruuuuuugged.
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