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Conley had been here all along. Yes indeed he had. As was his way, he had lingered in the background attempting to be so as to be inconspicuous and out of the way. Consider him the cavalry. Random muggles popping up? Members of the Norwegian Ministry? Perhaps a wayward dragon that got by everyone else? - Aye, that was why he was here. Aurora and Georgia after all, appeared to have everything handled. Yep... Conley was planning on staying far away from fires, lest his husband set him on fire when he got home. He'd had enough of fire for a lifetime he wagered and as if to prove it, the burn scars on his arm stung.

"Right well," he said rubbing his forearm to ease the phantom burn pains. He immediately wished he had kept quiet. "I'll be over here...." He pointed with his thumb over his shoulder towards the docks. "You know... out of the way?" he muttered under his breath. He was about to take Miss Tomás with him when Aurora sent her off with Georgia. Well, so much for that. He prayed she wouldn't get eaten in the way.

Only he was wrong because as he took a few steps away from the group a dragon dove overhead followed by the flash of heat. "Fire!" he exclaimed hands over his head. "I am so done with fire!"
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