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There was a skill to balancing three (hot) drinks and a plate of cookies while one walked. It was a skill that Kalen did not possess, indeed, he would never ever make it as a waiter and still by some miracle, he made it back to the table with the drinks just as Chase decided to belt out something about Falcons’ Fans. The plate of cookies tilted and he quickly set everything down on the table. If the cookies were going to topple, best it happen on the table rather than the floor right? With a small huff, he sat back down into the chair next to Anna. He hoped he had given the two enough time to chit-chat and catch up and talk about him. Wait? Was it a bit self-indulgent that he thought they might be talking about him? Eh, well, if it was, he had taken extra time to pick out the cookies so they could. ”Well, when you’re father’s a former Falcon’s Beater, it’s hard not to be a fan even if you’re bosh at the sport yourself.” There he’d said it. He sucked at quidditch. Hence why he danced around in a giant chicken suit verses flittering around on a broom. He wasn’t going to tell this Chase guy he was rubbish at flying though might even be a bit scared if it if he was honest. Nope. That could stay between him and Anna for now.

Kalen looked at Chase for a moment at his question about how one goes about dating a mascot. Was the man serious? He laughed, head tilted back a little. ”Funny. He’s funny,” he pointed at Chase as he looked at Anna. ”Usually I get the ‘what’s it like dating a professional quidditch player’ question. I’m sure the answer is – embarrassing. Dating the mascot I mean, not dating a professional quidditch player.” Kalen turned a funny shade of purplely-pink as he buried his nose into his mocha. He took a big sip then made a grossed out face. Ick coffee was the worst. He collected himself as he reached for a cookie. ”Good thing I wear a mask so nobody knows it’s me in the chicken costume.” And no, he wasn’t embarrassed about how he was making his money right now. It was what bought the round of drinks on the table in front of everyone. It was only going to be temporary anyways. Soon he’d be done with school and he could apply as a medi-wizard for the league. That didn’t mean it might embarrass Anna a little. In fact, he wasn’t sure if it did. They’d never really talked about it.
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