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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Was she laughing at his stupid joke or at his stupid smile? Honora didn't know. "Yes," was all she said. His assessment, joking or not, of her thoughts on lists was...pretty accurate. She did have a bucket list of her own, after all. And she'd even crossed some items off of it. She supposed...maybe a lot of people with bucket lists never crossed anything off?

She did smile, however, at the conclusion that all younger siblings were picky eaters. "Hopefully they grow out of it," she said. "I'd like to cook more interesting things for holidays some day.

She looked on curiously at Jack's...reaction to her question. Had she actually unnerved him? While it was a personal question, she didn't think it was one that regularly caused embarrassment. She definitely thought he shouldn't be embarrassed talking to her about it. It wasn't like she had her life plan together, either. See: favorite hobby #1, TBD. "It sounds like you're busy, at least," she said encouragingly. Like, he was actively trying to determine what he wanted to do. "It is weird...I don't know how anyone decides. Or at least, how anyone decides, and sticks with that same thing forever." Again, see hobby #1. "I wanted to go to uni, but my stepmum needed help at the B&B so...I've been working there, and trying to save up by living at home."

She shrugged. "It's looking more and more like I won't go to uni, but maybe someday? Business at the B&B isn't great, so I'll probably find another job soon." Hopefully. She knew the job market wasn't superb, especially since she had tried to find a job in London after graduation but it made more sense to live at home. And she hadn't had the apparition license at first, and she didn't want to floo to work every day.
Either way, Jack(son) was pleased. Making someone laugh had to make the list of top 5 most magical feelings. There he went with lists again. Maybe he actually was cut out for that #ListLife. Honora was rubbing off on him, eh? Heh. He couldn't wait to recount the story to Jorgie later. She'd probably roll her eyes in that loving way of hers. She never did seem to laugh as hard as he did when it came to his corny jokes.

"Agreed," he smiled, thinking to Sienna and how likely it might be that she'd start adventuring with food. Though, to be fair, she was pretty picky in most things. That's just how Si was though and he loved her for it, of course. Little sisters, heh. "Hope you get more opportunity to experiment!" Food experimentations were some of the best kind. "Let me know if you ever need a taste tester, yeah?" He'd be happy to lend a hand... Or a stomach, rather.

And it wasn't so much that her question regarding the future had unnerved him. It just, er, it caught him off guard. He wasn't ever sure when it came to ~that stuff~ (read: planning ahead), y'know? Liked to avoid the topic whenever he could because if you didn't think about it, then it wasn't a problem. Or, uh, it just didn't seem to be as big a problem. "Oh, definitely. Kind of exhausting, but I'm not very good at sitting still." Literally and figuratively. "Yeah, wow, I definitely feel that, yeah. That's sort of my problem, there are so many things that sound cool, but, like, do I really want to be stuck with just one of them for the rest of my life? I dunno..." It was a conversation he had with himself plenty of times. Never seemed to reach a good conclusion though. That was the main issue.

"It's real cool that you get to help with the family business though," he offered her a genuine smile as he spoke. "How've you been getting on with living at home?" Jackson loved living at home. It was the liiiiiiiiiife. He did want to move out eventually, but he knew how lucky he was to be able to stay with his family for a little bit, at least until he got things figured out. But he also knew that not everyone felt the same way. "Yeah? What sorts of jobs are you interested in?" It was lowkey comforting that they were sort of in similar boats. Jackson often felt like his boat was sinking ten feet underneath sea level. But uh, maybe that was just the overthink taking reign again.
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