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Conley sort of stared at Merriweather as he stammered on about limping. Clearly, Conley wasn't the only who was having a hard time keeping his words in order. He gave the Unspeakable a glance wondering if he was offended, but all seemed well. He even received a hearty clap on the shoulder. "I ah...well um..." He snapped his mouth shut, looked at Merriweather and shrugged. If there was one thing he'd learned about Unspeakables over the years, it was that they were weird.

"What are -" He stopped mid-question as the golden mist started swirling around him. Conley's hazel eyes once again thought out Merriweather. What on earth was this man doing? But it appeared that Conley's assessment of the man's patronus was correct. He apparently was good at tracking - well, of a sort. But at the image of the young lady a cold chill ran through him. He reached out, placing a hand on Merriweather's arm. He didn't know the lady well, but he did know her. "She works in the Minister's office...." He wracked his brain. "Domino...or Dominic- something like that.." How terrible a person was he that he couldn't even remember the poor lady's name? Pretty rotten that was what. He realized he was touching Merriweather and pulled his hand back as if he had touched fire. "Sorry... I didn't mean... um... what was she doing down here?" he asked no one in particular.
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