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There was nothing he could do to stop the people that he knew, the ones he cared about disappearing. They were just photos, they weren't the real people and yet... he couldn't help but feel like the pattern of who was fading fast and first was symbolic. Was it just people he was closest to? Was it relationships already lost or that would soon be?

Eventually... the room was empty again. And the white began to fade from the corners creating a vast darkness. He could feel his breath quicken as it enclosed around him, closing his eyes hoping that would make it all go away.

There was a loud clap, like thunder and his eyes sprang open as the room lit with a bright light like lightning. And when that quieted, he was falling through the floor.

Down, down, down.

And then he jerked awake, hearing the alarm signifying it was time for them to all awaken. He was fine with keeping his head down. And he was fine with not sharing his dream either. He had a feeling he could draw conclusions on what it was about, but he'd rather not share out loud. Who wanted to admit they were scared of being alone?
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