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"It wouldn't KILL them exactly, but it could cause SERIOUS damage." Like, PROPER SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scarlett had seen her FAIR SHARE of mutilated plants and it WASN'T a pretty sight. Poor THINGS.

Now, for the next minute or so of word vomit things those two girls were saying, Scarlett seemingly switched off because she couldn't be bothered. She quickly scanned the greenhouse to consider what her next job would be before turning to the two of them again.

There were a LOOOOOOOOOOOOAD of things Scarlett could've replied to them, as yes, sure, the Gryffindor was entitled to her opinion and Scarlett was entitled to pointing out FACTS, for instance, and why, YES, this Hufflepuff WOULD jump right into experimenting with a new spell no matter how silly it sounded - in fact, the sillier the better! - but she chose to stay quiet because EH, the effort.

Not worth it.

"You're welcome!" She happily replied to the Ravenclaw when the girl thanked her, and she looked at the Gryffindor when she tried and failed at the spell. She could tell her the right incantation, but the girl was still on her high little horse and Scarlett didn't have time to deal with that. "Here." She said, giving her the bloom she was holding before pocketing her wand. "I don't want it." She added, predicting the girl would throw a little prideful tantrum and not accept it. Again, Scarlett didn't fancy dealing with that.

AAAND her work there was done. She had more to do elsewhere! "Bye!" And off she skipped.
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