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Damian Pendragon

Damian offered Matt a weak smile. He knew that the auror didn't mean anything, but under any other circumstance, the unspeakable would have given him a ribbing regardless. "So many moving parts at the ministry, I'd be amazed if we could find out someone was missing without obvious evidence." Clapping a hand on Conley's shoulder, the man in his mid thirties added. "Take a deep breath, mate. It's going to be alright. We got professionals on the case." Punctuated with a wink, Damian could tell the man was rattled. Did he lose his wife recently? He wondered.

With his patronus dissipated into a silvery mist, Damian knelt down carefully, trying not to agitate his right leg more than he needed to. Wincing, he shuffled, eyes on the floor. "Hrm.." Not seeing any blood on the floor, the man from level nine rose back to his full height.

Using the cane as a pivot point, Damian spun in a circle around it, his wand held up near his mouth. "Appare Vestigium!"A swirling golden cloud filled the corridor in the immediate vicinity, lighting up the array of recent footprints. It seemed a incomprehensible mess, just looking at the gold tracks, but looking at the shoe in Matt's hand reminded him what he was looking for.

"Here." Sifting through the tracks, Damian found the woman, a golden specter of her form appearing when he touched her footprint with his cane. "Anyone recognize this witch?" Walking behind Delyth's spectral form, Damian stopped in the exact spot she did when she was abducted, a cold chill running down the spine of the man from the chamber of Death.

"Whatever took her left no trace coming or going. Poor woman didn't even have a chance to run or draw a wand.."
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