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Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
She was glad that Remy felt the same as she did about the class. At least she wasn't the only one to think Trent was crazy. "I mean he probably cares, just not how we would if we were professors."As the words left her mouth she thought of the two of them teaching. Ollie would make a decent teacher. She would be strict, but not overly strict to where the students hated her. Definitely something she could see herself doing in the future. Remy... Remy wouldn't be a teacher.

Writing home? Yes. Receiving things back from home? No. But Ollie wasn't sure if she wanted to tell Remy that yet. "Yeah I've sent a few letters but, it's not really the same is it?" She wondered what home life was like for Remy. Did she have pets? Probably a dog, something excited like she was. "Well, I can't get lost if I'm making the map, I'll just follow it to get back!"

Friends... Ollie would answer yes! Of course, she has. But before she answered she had to think, would they consider her a friend. She hoped so."Yeah, I met a few people that I really like. Funny I get along with mostly Ravenclaws." Not funny. That's where she should be!
Remy daydreamed for a moment thinking about what an amazing Hogwarts professor she'd be. Definitely Charms. She smiled to herself before snapping back to the conversation.

"Have you had many back? I thought my sister would write to me every day but she hasn't." Remy huffed. Albeit, Anya was very busy studying at the moment but still - Remy's first year at Hogwarts was more important. "You don't have siblings, do you?" She couldn't remember if her friend had told her that before, but was eager to learn about Ollie's life.

"Fair enough," She peeked over to get another look, "Where are the dungeons on your map? What're they like?" Maybe Ollie could show her around there since Remy was terrified to explore by herself. It was a very cool map. Remy thought about sharing her drawings (and secrets) with Ollie, but she was no artist so didn't feel comfortable enough just yet. She did feel insecure that her notebook was right here with her. For all she knew, Ollie could swipe it out of her hands at any point. It sounded like something Remy would do to others.

Aww. It sounded like Ollie was really making lots of friends. "Really? Ravenclaws?" Remy giggled. "I haven't really made friends in my own house yet..." She paused, "... weird, right?" Considering her obsession with getting into Gryffindor prior to Hogwarts. "Maybe the sorting hat was wrong for me." The blonde sighed.
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