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It was not something he'd ever considered before. First term a pet had just seemed like it would have gotten in the way of exploring, second term he hadn't considered it but now... was kind of regretting not having his own. "A cat like Jinx. Pascal is really cute but... he's not really as cuddly." Petting a lizard was no where near as satisfying as a soft cat. An owl might be okay too - but he was pretty sure he'd have to go visit it in the owlery instead of it staying in his room with him. And toads? That just wasn't a consideration.

Oh? A slytherin that should have been Ravenclaw? "I think the houses are more similar than people give them credit for. You can just be another honoury Ravenclaw." He wondered why then she would have been placed Slytherin though? Still couldnt figure it out for his other sister either. "Why do you think Ravenclaw over Slytherin?"
Evan defiantly seemed like a cat guy. He was getting along with Pepper pretty well and with experience from Jinx at home, he'd do well. She tried to mentally place him with a breed of cat. Hmmm... maybe a Maine coon. As a cat person herself, she thought she was fit enough to pair him with a breed. "I understand. Pepper sleeps in the nook of my knees every night. Keeps me warm." She smiled. Boy, would she be lost if she wasn't able to have Pepper with her on this journey.

"Well for starters my dad was a Ravenclaw. Plus I'm very intelligent." She was always top of her class, at least in the top 3. Her, Mandy Grace, and Ben Arias would play musical chairs with the spots keeping the teachers and class on their toes. "Also, I'm proper. My father always taught me to be." She wasn't really sure if that was a characteristic of Ravenclaws, but it's what she expected them to be.
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