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Lisa looked to Daniel, intrigued by his explanation, as she watched the boy lean back in his chair and just balance on two legs. That was extremely dangerous. Anyone could come by and knock over the chair if they wanted to or cast a spell or something to send him toppling out of his seat. But what spell would work? She quickly dismissed the thought and then focused on what he was saying. It was a good thing that he didn't hate the nickname. "I thought you were funny. The nickname was memorable... the tears were... not." And that's all she would add on the topic of V crying because she didn't want to betray V's feelings. They were... friends too.

She was quite pleased when Alfie agreed with her comment about Daniel and V being drawn together. Opposite powers being attracted to each other for evil but perhaps one day it could be good...? Then again she knew that wishing on a shooting star was futile despite everything Disney wanted to sell you so she stayed quiet. Instead, she just flashed Alfie a smile and then looked to Daniel to explain the whole mishap. It wasn't her story to tell but if he didn't then... she'd be compelled to fill Alfie in cause she liked Alfie. He seemed resourceful and he was nice to her. Daniel was also nice to her too but... She stayed quiet. It was Daniel's tale to tell.

Lisa glanced down at the book that she was holding in her hands and began flipping through it, searching for some answer to the sleeping potion question. "We can trust my older brother. He's quiet, smart, and resourceful. Evan Nam could help but he's only a third year. He's quite knowledgable.... I know many third years... I don't know too many older years... Do you guys know older students?" she asked as she flipped through the book again until she landed on... AHA! This is what she wanted. After Alfie asked the question, she placed the book on the table and pointed to the Sleeping Draught. "This should do the trick. It's simple but powerful. It works QUICKLY like super fast but it says it doesn't last forever... temporary solution in fact..." She continued to scan the page as she stood on her tippy toes. "I don't know how long it takes to brew... but it can't be too too hard. A sleeping draught does sound easier than polyjuicing as the Librarian. I wouldn't know where to start with that one.... but we could ask questions in our next class if we wanted to wait..."

She listened to Alfie talk briefly about ballet. "Do you enjoy it?" she asked curiously finding this subject very interesting. Man both V and Alfie were natural dancers and she... she was good at flailing her arms and sword fighting with a toy lightsaber. That was IT! "Well i hope you come see it. I'm going to audition so I suppose I'll need all the legs to break for luck!" Errr... she wasn't sure if that was the right expression but it was perhaps... close enough? Did the job? Yes.
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