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Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post
All that remained of Delyth Dominique was her right heel turned over on to its side and splattered with a thin line of blood.
Yawn.... Conley was still not sleeping through the nights. He was used to bouts of insomnia, but this was different. When he could fall asleep, the nightmares kept him up. He woke hot and sweating, unable to escape the fires that had surrounded him thanks to Goldwasser. Maybe he needed to talk someone...

His foot kicked something. He looked down to see a lady's heel skidding across the corridor. Funny, he didn't remember seeing a lady on the stairs as he made his way from Level Four back to his own department. He paused and bent over to pick it up. He looked around as he straightened. Perhaps he had been sleep walking again and had missed.... but no, no he heard nothing. No steps on the tile. No whispers of conversation. He was quite certain he was alone. Perhaps this heel had been here for a few days? But then, why had it's owner not come looking for it? He turned it over in his hands and noticed the strange dark marking on it. Was that.... blood?!

"Expecto patronus!" He waved his wand over his head and a large silvery Siberian Husky erupted from the tip. It circled him for a moment then took off running down the hallway towards MLE.
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