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Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Misa couldn't help but smile at how casually he was playing this. Not many people (or any, really) could wake up in a different place than they fell asleep and play it so cool.

"So you don't enjoy the journey then?" she said hopping out of the boat and onto the island.

She paused and looked over her shoulder at him. "Bowtruckles. Right. That's what was on this island." She paused again. "Those are the sticks, right?" she asked. She vaguely remembered once being told it was best to bribe those things with food. Food which she didn't have. Hopefully that wouldn't come back to haunt her.

"I... uh... Actually came to see what the castle looked like from a distance. Trying to see if it would remind me of more populated areas." It actually seemed ridiculous when she said it outloud.
"Not really, no." Noah shrugged and thought that a lot of people shared his sentiment. "If you think about it, the actual travel is a waste of time. Thank Merlin for apparition and such." the Gryffindor wasn't exactly the patient type. It'd take a lot for him to actually do the waiting part, and if he had to, it could mean that the matter was of importance. "You've come a long way yourself. How's travelling for you?" he asked, turning his head to watch Misa get off the boat and stepped onto the soft earth of the island.

And...sticks? The Gryffindor scratched his temple and nodded. "Stick-like creatures, yes." Noah grinned at the thought of the wild Bowtruckles getting mad at Misa for calling them sticks, but said creatures weren't that petty.

This time, Noah got up from his position and moved to the center of the boat to look at the castle from their location. "Does it remind you of home?" He'd seen pictures of France from travel books and such, and it was a pretty place. Hopefully, some time soon he'd get the chance to visit, once he lands his first modelling campaign. "Do you miss it?"

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