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"Flipnsnipwitit. And no, it's a swish." The Hufflepuff responded to the Ravenclaw as she approached the pair. "It's the Trimming Charm, but it's useful to take cuttings from more delicate plants." In Scarlett's point of VIEW, any plant that wasn't FLESH EATING was delicate, but that was technically UNTRUE and she knew it. STILL, that was the BEST spell to take cuttings ESPECIALLY as first years because WHO KNEW what sort of DAMAGE inexperienced first years could do to them poor PLANTS with the Severing Charm.


Scarlett stepped up closer to the colour changing roses, held a stem and pointed her wand at it halfway down from the bloom. "Flipnsnipwitit." She swished her wand, cutting the stem off the main plant and holding it for them to see. "You won't get too far in life with that attitude, you know." She casually added to the Gryffindor girl.

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