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Focused intently on the tiny sculpture forming in their hand, Nem was content to settle and wait. At least it was quiet up here, and they remained totally undisturbed. Momentarily, at any rate, and even then the disturbance that came was a relatively welcome one, given it was the very person they'd come here to see.

Nem looked up, and the metal matchsticks in their hand fell like marionettes with their strings cut. They re-pocketed them and watched the Headsman as he approached. A moment to observe and assess, before allowing a small, almost tentative smile, not a trace of that little blip from today's lesson in sight. Long gone; smoke in the wind.

"You know me. I like to give people what they want." Excuse them their little layered joke. Thing was, it was closer to the truth than he ever would know. Clueless.

Nem waited for the Headsman to lead the way up the spiral staircase before following along after, unperturbed by the fact that apparently there was mutual demand for this little chat.

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