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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Younger brothers, oh Leo knew all about them. "I have one of them, well not too much younger I guess, just four year younger, but still younger. Are you the oldest then?" He was assuming he was since he was having the brother move in, but maybe the brother was an adult and not a kid like Leo was thinking. "Animals can make people really upset, they get attached and things." He was attached to his little teacup yorkie that was at home waiting on him.

Moving to his cart he pulled out two small dishes of the ice cream samples. "These are on the house today and go fabulous with the butter beer, maybe this can cheer your brother up and give you a sweet snack too." He was flirting honest, okay maybe he enjoyed flirting with all his customers, it was just fun and seriously nice was something that could go a long way.

"So you have lived here long and your brother is just moving here or have you both lived around here?" Leo really had no where to go and the Alley seemed pretty lame today so he thought maybe he'd show some interest for awhile.
Jude simply nodded and smiled a little, bemused by the other man’s prattling’s about his own family. It was still strange to him how people in London would often stop and just chat away as if they weren’t busy and didn’t have a plethora of things to do. In New York, people would sooner grunt and shout some kind of profanity at you than stop and ask you about your family. “Brothers are a pain, honestly. And sisters. Especially sisters but you know, family. Am I right?” laughing a little now as he took a step forward to place his own order too. “Nah, I’m not the oldest. I have two older brothers, two younger brothers and a younger sister” which even when he said it all, it sounded like a lot but he was used to it. For some reason, other people always seemed shocked. “I got the good looks and striking personality. Bless them, they work hard though”, amused by his own little joke now. As for animals, he knew all too well about people getting attached to them. “Yeah, they really do, even when they’re not supposed to have them” because the stupid kid wasn’t even allowed them in the first place.

Grinning a little, he took the two samples and nodded appreciatively at them. “Oh, sweet! I mean I hope so. I appreciate this, thank you!”. Part of him almost wished he had something to offer in return but he didn’t even have a job and he was living of other people’s money, so, ya know… “If you’re ever in New York and you want somewhere to grab a bite to eat, go to hit up MacAfee’s. It’s an Irish place. My family owns it. Tell them Jude sent you, I’m sure they’ll give it to you for free”. He may not be able to offer something he had but he could give away a free pizza or something. Besides, the guy most likely would never even end up going to New York.

“Eh, I’ve been back and forth for a while. Hogwarts. You know how it is. Only just moved here though so not that long. I’m kind of looking for a job actually so if you know someone who pays well and can offer a guy a job with no questions asked, let me know” laughing a little now because he knew how dodgy he actually sounded. Oops. “What about you? I’m guessing you’ve lived here for a while?” judging from the ice cream cart that he was lugging around.

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