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Feeling slightly out of her comfort zone, Delyth couldn’t help but look around and wrinkle her nose in contempt at the unusual fragrance that was lingering in the corridor as she made her way down towards the Department for Magical Transport. Leave it to the parents of Hogwarts students to get themselves into so much of a dither that they’re questioning the safety of the Hogwarts Express and as usual, she was the one to soothe them, for some unknown reason. Oh, that was right, she was the Hogwarts Liaison. That was the reason.

With a look across her face that clearly said she was all business today and had no time for the pimply teens who looked towards her as if she were their apparition examiner for the day, she strode confidently towards the route that would take her to Level 6. Could they answer her questions on train safety and if there were new measures to keep the students safe on their journey to and from Hogwarts? Most likely not but it was worth a try.
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