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Text Cut: River and Matt!!!
Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Emerging from the bowels of the ministry clinic, River rolled his shoulders back as he made his way to the break room to get himself a nice cup of tea. He was such in a hurry that morning that he forgot his flask at home, and was a bit annoyed by it. It was a waste of perfect tea, now gone cold. The smell of brewed coffee was not missed as he pushed the door open, now tempted to get a cup of java instead.

He momentarily stopped in his tracks as he saw the woman inside the room, a moment to herself. She looked annoyed, and overworked, and stressed, and River knew that he should just... get on with his business as quietly as possible. The 49-year-old healer slowly and gently closed the door and went on to fix himself a cup of tea. Coffee was tempting, but he needed to detoxify from that stuff given the work load he's been having the couple of months. Helpful stuff, but deadly when consumed in large volumes.

"But Merlin, that coffee smells soooo good..." he thought as he dumped a teabag in his cup and filled it with hot water.
Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post

Whose job was it anyway to buy more tea and coffee for the MLE? Not Matt's, he knew that much! He'd have to find out so he could ask them to keep up with their job since the department needed refreshments! What Auror would be able to do an excellent job without a hot drink and sna--

"Healer Reed!!!" Matt exclaimed, seeing the OLD Healer from his school years right there. How long had the man worked in the Ministry for??? Was Matt supposed to know it? Because he didn't. Oops?

Speaking of which, it just occurred to him that his mate Jace had not kept in touch. WOW. Way to go, Jace. Tsk. "How are you, mate!?" They both worked for the Ministry now and so were technically colleagues, huh? LOL, weeeeird. "Long time no see!" The 28 year-old Auror walked right up to the coffee machine and looked at the tiny amount of coffee in the pot. "Merlin." That was going to take actual AGES. Matt had used up a lot of his patience that day (don't ask).

Getting his wand, he tapped the pot, making it fill right up very quickly. Hadn't that woman over there thought to that? Matt assumed she was sitting there with such a loooooong face because she lacked coffee. "The perks of magic, ay?" He casually commented, lifting the pot to show her his good work before pouring two mugs and offering one to her. "Hope you like it strong!" She seemed like she needed it.

Sheesh kebabs.

Delyth looked up from massaging her temples with a somewhat confused and generally annoyed expression on her face as the door to the break room opened. Who dared come to try and steal her coffee? Taking a deep breath however, she simply exhaled and rearranged her face into one that resembled someone who wasn’t teetering over the edge of a cliff.

About to stand up and make polite conversation with the healer, judging from his robes at least, Delyth’s face flickered to shock someone (Matt) barged into the room and began shouting. Watching him as he tapped the machine with his wand, she couldn’t help but wonder how some people got through life with so little patience. “You know, not everyone is in a rush to finish their break?” she replied simply as she made her way over to the coffee pot and reached for her coffee mug that she’d left out on the counter. Channelling the slogan that was plastered on the side of the mug “Live, Laugh, Love Magic”, she flashed a small smile and nod of thanks to him. “But thank you anyway, it was taking a long time and I really needed this”.

Turning, doing her best to resist the baked treats left out on the counter, she sat back down and took a sip of her coffee, sighing as the first taste registered with her tastebuds. “Not bad at all. You should take some with you when you go, just in case tea isn’t enough” her words and smile now turned towards the first wizard who’d entered the break room (River).
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