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Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Phew, Ollie didn't ask questions about the book, so Remy took this as confirmation that she hadn't seen the hearts drawn all over the page. The blonde thought for a moment about how Ollie was such a great friend to not ask about it. Remy knew that she would've insisted on finding out if the shoe was on the other foot.

"Uhhhmm... It's good, it's okay. No, it's fun." It was fun most of the time, but the first year anxiety was still a thing, and she was definitely missing her family. "Do you like it here?" Remy asked, very curiously. Was it bad that she kinda hoped that the other first years were feeling as aggy as she was?

"The classes are the BEST part of Hogwarts, right?!" In fact, she felt a little lost when she wasn't in class or working on homework. "What's your favourite so far? I think my favourite is Herbology... and Charms..." Still a lot to learn, of course, but Remy seemed to notice small progress in her spell work.
She was glad that Remy seemed to like Hogwarts. At least someone was finding it fun. Ollie didn't think it wasn't fun, but she wouldn't describe it as fun either. She was enjoying all her classes and it was hard to pick a favorite. "I like Herbology, too. And charms isn't bad either. But I'll tell you what isn't my favorite class, Defense Against the Dark Arts." She shook her head. Man was that class hard! And Headmaster Trent was a total loon, throwing them into something like that! "I'm glad I went into the test with a third year, or I might not have made it out!"

As happy as she was that Remy wasn't failing any classes, she was still wondering what was in that notebook. Her friend had seemed pretty protective over it, but Ollie found it best not to pry. She hoped Remy would open up and tell her. "As for the school itself..." She took a deep breath and sighed, "I miss home." It was nice to admit that to Remy. Ollie felt sure that she felt the same. "It's a nice castle, but it's so big! Every time I leave my dorm I just get lost. Plus I've been working on a map for like a week and it still isn't finished!" She flipped open her notebook for Remy to see.
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