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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Liking lists in theory was something Honora had never even considered as a possibility. His point about linearity, though, was interesting, she thought. "Sometimes it's easier to consider the list like a bucket," she said thoughtfully. "Things grouped together by something in common, whether that's favoritism or necessity." Was she acting like a list expert? Maybe. Was that a job she could have? Did people need list experts for something? She would be very good at that.

Honora nodded. "Yes, I've tried a few when I helped out in the kitchen." Her stepmum's cook had returned from holiday, though, and she'd been promptly kicked out of the bed and breakfast's kitchen. And she wasn't complaining, it had been a bit much to handle scheduling of rooms and food. "My little sister is a bit of a picky eater though, so we can't experiment much." One of the reasons Honora was looking forward to moving out. So she could have her own kitchen and her own dinner guests, who would not have a six-year-old's palate.

She smiled in relief. She didn't much like asking people personal questions, but sometimes you did need to know about other people. And she didn't think of this as being nosy, but rather...well, she might be able to get some life plan ideas from Jack, if he had any good ones. "Do you have a job? Or--are in uni?" What had he been doing since Hogwarts, was all she wanted to know.
"I hear they have lists for those too." Bucket lists. Heh. Geddit?

Even if the joke itself weren't all that funny, Jackson's smile was ridiculously goofy. It be like that sometimes.

But, uh, in all seriousness, "That's a neat way to think about it." Would this motivate him to keep lists in attempt to organize himself? Maybe. Maybe for all of one day. But Jack(son) would likely only keep it up for a day before deciding that he was better off going with the flow anyway. It's how he approached most things in life. His plans were always headed for disasters anyway. It was a risky life he led.

Cooking was something he could definitely get behind though and baking too, Jackson liked helping his mum with that stuff. Probably his Moretti side kicking in or something. Definitely. "I can imagine that'd limit options. My little sister is kind of the same. Must be a younger sibling thing." Not Jackson though, he'd eat ANYTHING. And EVERYTHING. If there was food, it would be eaten.

Jackson Bole was an open book. He didn't mind personal questions, really, but this one did make him pause. Because. Uh. Well. It was a little embarrassing. "I, uh, I'm not in uni yet, still trying to figure that out... But, uh, sometimes I'm part-time at Stemp House and with the rest of my time I've really been trying to explore. Shadowing all sorts of people, going in for informational interviews, y'know... All that jazz. It's weird, isn't it?" He mussed his hair as he mused. "Like one day, we're sitting in class, raising our hands to ask permission to use the bathroom and then the next day, everyone's just, like, telling us we have to decide what we want to be doing for the rest of our lives?"

It made..... No sense. Not to Jackson, anyway.

Uh. "What about you? What are you up to?"


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