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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

"You broke into rooms before?!" Alfie was proving to be very interesting right now. Breaking locks was something that Daniel had never done before. Every room in their manor was accessible and he never had any friends before except for Minjae. So breaking in was not his forte.

While Lisa was explaining to Alfie what Batman meant in this context, Daniel's mind went to the books in the restricted section. The fact that so much knowledge was being restricted for them made him feel upset. Because if they were so 'dangerous' then why were they even at Hogwarts?

"I only called myself Batman because I didn't like Gellar's attitude" he said as he came out of his thoughts and leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head as he rocked on the back two legs. "I'm fine with it" he shrugged. It was better than being called 'crybaby' HA! "Just didn't expect the nickname would stick"

At the mention of him and V getting drawn together like a magnetic, the Hufflepuff nearly fell backwards but was able to balance himself. "I am NOT drawn to Gellar!" what was she even trying to say with this?! He might have to keep his voice down in the library but he did not care at the moment. He wanted to make something very clear."I want NOTHING to do with her!" She was mean, stupid and a crybaby.

"And how do we know that we can trust any of the older students?" most of them seemed somewhat unstable in his opinion. "We could make a sleeping potion and give it to the librarian, everyone loves tea!" he. was. BRILLIANT.

Alfie liked theatre? Daniel looked at the Slytherin in mild surprise. It was true that they had not been friends for long but he honestly hadn't expected him to like it? And BALLET? He continued to surprise him and he liked it. "I don't think the play involves ballet but if it does you should sign up!" just because he did not like theatre did not mean he was going to be a killjoy for anyone else who wanted to do something. Looking at you Gellar for telling Lisa her little business at Hogwarts would be stupid! he was going to ignore that he agreed with her here
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