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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
The ummmmmmm raised Lisa’s mischief radar ever so slightly. She raised her eyebrows a little bit curious about the flowers that Remy was looking at. “They are very pretty. Do you think they’re poisonous?” she asked. She hoped not. She thought those flowers could look really pretty on a cake if they were edible.

Errr... so Herbology didn’t rock her world but she did like Herbology well... enough. Lisa had yet to find a class that she hadn’t enjoyed yet. Defense Against the Dark Arts could be scary but all in all was good to learn. She knew the first few years she had to be like a sponge and absorb as much knowledge she could from her classes. And then she’d have to go back to the dormitory to practice said spells so that she could always appear knowledgeable. Lisa preferred; however, looking like she did minimal work to others. “it is fun. I didn’t know plants could be so fun. Do you like it? is it your favourite?

Do you mean Diffindo?” she asked with a head tilt. “What are you planning to do? Cut up some plants for a snack or use them to pull a prank?
Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Ooh. This question caused for pause. Remy hadn't touched any of the flowers yet, and now she was thinking maybe it was a bad idea. "Hmm... I didn't bring my Herbology gloves," Which thinking about it now, was a dumb move. Always bring your dragonhide gloves when popping to the greenhouses. "I don't think they'd have poisonous plants in the greenhouses for anyone to get hold of... don't you think?" Remy made a mental note to quiz the Herbology professor when she saw her next about everything in these greenhouses. She was so interested.

To be honest, Remy enjoyed all of her classes, because she was quite an eager learner. Although she was very impatient about learning it all. Ideally she'd liked to be ready to graduate by the end of this term. "Yes, it's my favourite. And Charms is pretty fun. I think I'm pretty good at Charms." Probably her strongest subject so far. It was still early to tell what she really felt she excelled in.

"YES!" Remy almost shouted. "That's the one. Merlin, Ravenclaws are smart, aren't they?" She beamed, half joking. This was followed by a laugh at Lisa's ideas. "A snack? Why would I eat a rose as a snack? I could give it to my hamster as a snack, maybe." She trailed off, falling into her usual word vomit. "No, I just wanted to take one of the colour changing roses back to my dorm. Because..." She paused, "Well, dunno, I just want one."

"D'ya think I should try it?" Remy pulled out her wand and raised her eyebrows at Lisa.

Scarlett had been quietly working away in the greenhouse for longer than Remy was there. Contrary to popular belief, she COULD be stealthy quiet when she wanted to, mhm.

She wasn't eavesdropping, though, she was genuinely just working away with a few plant pots at the back because WELL, she knew her stuff. The perks of having a Herbologist for a grandmother.

She was happy to leave the girls to do their thing, but it was when she heard the name of the SEVERING Charm that she jumped up into view. "NO, WAIT!!!!!!!! NOT ON THE ROSES!!!!!!!!" SWEET MERLIN, THAT WOULD BE A CATASTROPHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming out from behind the bench where she had been working from, the Hufflepuff rushed their way, dragonhide gloves on and wand in hand. "That one will chop 'em ALL OFF, it's be TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! TERRIBLE, I TELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She was NOT being dramatic, it was for EMPHASIS!!!!!!!!!!

"For shorter, more gentle cutting and trimming you should use Flipnsnipwitit." She told them, nodding her head. NOT THE SEVERING CHARM, FOR MERLIN!!!!!!!!!!!! THEM POOR ROSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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