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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Lisa nodded, writing down the addition that Serena had provided as well to the list. As she stared down at the pieces of parchment, she longingly looked over to the bonfire. Well what do you say about roasting these and some delicious marshmallows? How do you like your marshmallows toasted?

Lisa here with the important questions. Obviously.
It was time for food!

Serena nodded and tore out the slips of parchment with the assumptions written on them, then tucked her things away. "It's about time," she said. This had been a little exhausting on the brain. She didn't like thinking about how things might make other people feel. She wasn't a therapist. She was a future potions master and would rather do hands on work.

"I like my marshmallows really crispy and toasted on the outside and melty on the inside. What about you? You can have my chocolate." Because she could do s'mores without the chocolate.
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