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Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
She smiled relieved and glad that Remy was happy to see her. She was right, they hadn't seen each other since the train ride. Well, they hadn't talked since the train. She nodded and accepted a book to sit on making herself comfy. Typically she wouldn't abuse books like this, but since it was Remy's and not her own it didn't feel as bad.

"How are you liking Hogwarts so far?" Ollie had noticed how quickly Remy had grabbed the open notebook from her. She wanted to ask what it was but didn't want to upset Remy. Maybe she was doing some private writing. Maybe she was failing a class! Ollie would totally hell her if she was. She loved being a tutor! "Are all of your classes going well? Not having any trouble?" She felt that Remy trusted her enough to tell her if she was. Ollie hadn't given her a reason to not trust her. Well... She was sorted into Slytherin, and Remy didn't seem to like the house.
Phew, Ollie didn't ask questions about the book, so Remy took this as confirmation that she hadn't seen the hearts drawn all over the page. The blonde thought for a moment about how Ollie was such a great friend to not ask about it. Remy knew that she would've insisted on finding out if the shoe was on the other foot.

"Uhhhmm... It's good, it's okay. No, it's fun." It was fun most of the time, but the first year anxiety was still a thing, and she was definitely missing her family. "Do you like it here?" Remy asked, very curiously. Was it bad that she kinda hoped that the other first years were feeling as aggy as she was?

"The classes are the BEST part of Hogwarts, right?!" In fact, she felt a little lost when she wasn't in class or working on homework. "What's your favourite so far? I think my favourite is Herbology... and Charms..." Still a lot to learn, of course, but Remy seemed to notice small progress in her spell work.
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