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Default Two Hufflepuffs Walk Into An Arcade...

Two Hufflepuffs Walk Into An Arcade
Also Known As Two Friends Just Trying To Hang Out When One Of Them Has An OverProtective Brother And Mistakes The HangOut As A Date
Summer 2104 || Closed RP

D E S C R I P T I O N:
After an eventful year at Hogwarts, Serena invited Minjae out to an Arcade for fun times and just to hang out and be teens. Unbeknowst to the two mates, Raxion spotted his sister with a mystery guy and thus goes to investigate. Shenanigans ensue.

Minjae Yoon - DuckyLinJi
Raxion Moon - Chelliephone
Serena Moon - Watson

SPOILER!!: the shenanigans thus far
Serena was GLAD- freaking GLAD- to be free of Hogwarts for the summer. Sure, she was lamenting the fact that several of her friends were now graduated but she was still glad she could see them over the summer. The youngest Moon wasn’t sure if she was going to go back to school... she was still on the fence. But anyway- school was SCHOOL. And she’d figure that out later. Now she was excited to hang out with her friend and try out a few games at the arcade!!!

With bright pink sunglasses propped on the top of her head and a bag filled with lollipops and a camera, she headed to the arcade to meet up with Minjae. She was ready to win at the OG games. She had brought her A Game today (and she had not so secretly spent the past two weeks upon her return home playing every single game that her family or she had. She had to be in tip top shape to face the master of Hufflepuff games��.

Oh sweet Merlin's soggy underwear. He was witnessing a DATE for his sister, apparently. Judging based off of the fact Serena hugged the gent, although he then... Didn't really? Well, that was certainly awkward. Rax couldn't help but suck in a small breath, because.. ouch.

The two seemed to just be standing there and talking, and he couldn't hear anything so naturally he had to find a way to sneak closer. Which he did, trying to not be as eye catching as his attire had made him. There was a brief moment where he thought Serena might see him, so like any sane person would, Rax hit the floor to avoid being spotted. After a few minutes he continued on, finally close enough and behind more machines to hear that they were going to the car racing games. Conveniently, yet not, right behind him.

The eldest Moon pushed himself and dusted himself off hoping to book it over towards the claw machines before they actually made it that way. Hoping to hide amongst the plushies.

And still eavesdrop.

I uh.. It’s okay” he same lamely while mentally cursing himself for not giving her a hug back. ‘It’s not that hard ,Minjae!’ he thought to himself. ‘You survived a freaking war, you can hug someone!’ Noticing the faint blush on her cheeks did not help either as it made him feel even more guilty. Seemed like she had expected a hug back. WHY WAS HE SO AWKWARD?!

While Serena seemed to be looking at something or perhaps someone? Minjae turned his head to look as well but since he did not know what he was looking for he turned back again as she suggested the racing cars . “Sounds awesome” he said with a small smile. “I bought the coins earlier, here” he reached inside of his jeans pocket and pulled out one of the game coins and handed it to Serena. There were more of course.

You know, i’m thinking about getting my driver’s license” he declared as they passed the claw machines and his eyes briefly landed on a guy with blue hair. His parents would never let him dye his hair in any unnatural colors. “I know its probably a bit much for people like… us” witches and wizards he meant. They were in the muggle world now so had to be careful with what they talked about . “what do you think?” he asked.

Reaching the racing cars, Minjae nodded at them. “you pick which one you want to use

Oh? He had bought the coins already? Great thinking then they could avoid the line at the counter. “Sweet! Great idea. Thanks,” she beamed as she took the coin and flipped it, thinking heads before pausing. She watched it land on heads before they started walking.

Now a driver’s license was a great idea. Serena nodded as she listened. She thought it was a FANTASTIC idea. Driver’s licences meant cars which meant freedom and escape to her. A place to think and a means to go to different places without having to worry about splicing oneself. “I think it’s incredible that you’re getting a driver’s license, Minjae. Seriously it’s like a rite of passage. And that means you can be more mobile right? No needing to organize a chauffer or order a taxi or begging a ride from an older sibling.” She paused as a couple of loud kids passed them and she knew she wouldn’t be able to be heard over their excited squeals. That was when she noticed bright blue hair and someone... who was about her brother’s height. “That’s a bright blue colour.... “ she commented, eying the individual before continuing on. Right. Driver’s license!! “I want to get mine. That means I won’t have to rely on Mycelia to give me a ride here and there. It also means I can choose a bright red scooter. Oh I’ve always wanted one!! What about you? What kind of car do you want?

Arriving at the racing cars, she eyed her options, settling on the red one. “There’s no purple which is my favourite colour ... but I do want a red scooter so a red race car will do!” She took a seat down before popping her coin into the machine. “Which race course? London? Tokyo? Amsterdam? Paris?

Success! Rax made it to the plushies and squeezed himself between the machines which was a very tight fit. He ignored the concerned mother's pulling their children away from the eclectic man. No matter, abcense of children just meant it would be quieter. Besides, joke would be on those parents when their kids grew up and this was them supervising!

Y'know, because this was a normal parent thing to do. The young man also apparently forgetting that he was /not/ a father and the Moon children had a perfectly sane Appa at home. Probably watching the telly like a normal person and not stalking his children.

But that was all beside the point.

Rax made eye contact with the young man and nearly PANICKED until he looked away and then he remembered the guy wouldn't know who he was so it didn't matter much if he noticed him. To be sure though, he turned his head back towards the wall so that his sister couldn't see his face if she looked. He might be the same height and stature, but at least this was not his hair color when she left the house that morning.

He strained to overhear more of their conversation. Conveniently forgetting he was one of the Moon's with magic and could just disillusion himself.

What the heck was that guy with the blue hair doing squeezing in between the plushies machines? Was he trying to cheat by pushing the machines so that the prizes fell out?

Whatever, not his problem. He turned to look away from the weird guy and sat down on the car seat next to the one that Serena had chosen. “Exactly!” he said as she mentioned that getting a driver’s license would give them more freedom and that he did not need to bother his driver anymore. But that would also mean that he had no job and he did not want the man to get fired…. He had to think of something else which resulted in them both being happy. “But i also want to get my apparition license cause its really useful" especially if he needed a quick escape. Who knows what more danger there was lurking around. "I should probably take my N.E.W.T exams at the Ministry before any of that though" he laughed brightly. Gosh it felt so good to laugh after everything they had gone through at school. "I haven't really thought of which car yet to be honest” he said sheepishly. “I think i should first focus on getting my license

Purple was her favorite color? Minjae looked genuinely surprised at this fact “I always thought that blue was your favorite color?” he said slowly. “I think teal is a pretty color” he said with a nod of his head before reaching forward and put the coin in the machine. “Lets go with Paris” he said as he turned the wheel to select the option and waited for her to do the same and sighed. “I want to go to paris…

Your apparition license? That’d be cool too. I’m terrified of getting mine,” she admitted as she grabbed her elbow as they walked. She had an abnormally large fear of being splinched ever since hearing about someone else experiencing it... “I may wait on mine.” She continued to listen and then chuckled. “You’ll do great aaand I’ll ask you for your advice this year when I take them!” She was sure he would do well. She was also glad to head him laugh. It was a relief. Serena hadn’t heard him laugh in ages. “If you need help, I can help out! I know a few basics about operating a Muggle vehicle... call me an expert!” She winked at him audaciously before turning her gaze to the rando near them. She froze. Was that.... Serena grabbed Minjae’s arm and leaned in to whisper. “Is it just me or is that guy FOLLOWING US?! I’m a little sus....” And scared.

Okay so purple first and then blue but they’re tied close to the top. Both match my eyes obviously,” she smirked. not even close. “Teal is beautiful. You’d look nice in teal.” She glanced away with the faintest hint of a blush as she looked for their STALKER.

Me too. I’ve heard it’s beautiful. Road trip maybe?” She asked as she toggled her steering wheel to look through car options.

His brother senses were tingling and telling him he was very much in danger of being caught, but at this point he uh... definitely couldn't get out if he wanted. Rax was most definitely stuck, and unless people stopped looking at him for him to be able to using magic on himself to get out, he was going to have to call for assistance.

And draw even more attention to himself.

So for now, he supposed he'd have to just try to play it cool, pretend he meant to be here. At least it was still decent view of his sister and her DATE. Although the ridiculous small children around most definitely were making it harder for him to eavesdrop.

Was it socially acceptable to tell them to go away?

Was anything he was doing even socially acceptable?

He too had worries about getting splinched but it was not going to stop him from getting his license. He had made the decision to get his license while he had been stuck in the mirror and had nothing but his thoughts. At hogwarts it wasn’t possible to apparate but outside of it, it was and if a situation ever happened and he needed a quick escape he’d be able to. The thought of the mirror made him feel uncomfortable again though and he tried to focus on what Serena was telling him about how she could help him how to operate a muggle vehicle but her words were far away. He tried his best not to show it but he felt his anxiety creeping up until the girl grabbed his arm and leaned in to whisper. The seventeen year old froze for a second but than relaxed a bit. Serena would never attack him. He knew that. “What?” he whispered back as he raised his head to look around to find the guy that she was talking about. “Who do you mean?” he asked.

I think that dark brown and purple or blue match really well. So yeah it would match your eyes.” He’d look nice in teal? “I think you mean i’ll look stunning in teal” he joked and laughed yet again.

Road trip sounded cool but he had already planned on traveling the world with Noah this year. WHO HE STILL NEEDED TO KICK FOR THOSE POSTERS AROUND DIAGON ALLEY BY THE WAY . “Maybe one day” he said and selected his own car.

She noticed him freeze and paused a little before wondering if it had something to do with when he was stuck in the mirror. Poor guy. She frowned as she raised her index finger to her lips and then searched for the guy. She found the guy and then quickly looked away from him. “He’s the one with the blue hair who’s squeezing through two machines.... lucky for us... looks like he’s stuck. Do you see him?” She asked as she waited for him to look over. “Don’t stare too long.... he looks really familiar....” She couldn’t place where she knew him from.... “Hopefully he’ll remain stuck in between those two machines. Shoot. I wish I could use magic to keep him there.....” She was still technically underage and couldn’t use magic outside of school.

Minjae’s comment caused her cheeks to turn a light pink. Was... was he actually flirting with her? She could have fallen over but of course- she didn’t. She was simply glad that the lighting in here was a little darker so ... harder to see said blush. He knew her eye colour without looking?!? “Thanks,” she smiled and then chuckled when he laughed. Serena shook her head. “Yes, yes. You’d be a showstopper in anything. It’s that smile of yours. And teal would be perfect. I think orange would look nice on you too..” and a lot of other things but she wasn’t going to mention all of them right now...

Maybe? “Mhmm,” she nodded. “Well if you do need an escape from all those dates and crazy girls... Let me know. I’ll be in the arcade beating everyone and being the flawless Queen that I am.” She did a hair toss for further effect before waiting for the screen to load. She paused and waited for the screen to give them a countdown.

He was trying to pull himself out of the tight space he now found himself, but after a few attempted times of sucking it in and trying to slide. Rax decided he really did just live here now and he'd have to ask someone for help once Serena and the guy moved away. Hopefully he didn't have too hard of a time finding them after that.

And hopefully he didn't get kicked out for being creepy because uh .. this was a new level even for him.

Stopping his futile attempts at freedom, he went quiet to listen to what the pair was saying. He could hear a compliment -- maybe a compliment -- on Serena's eyes given and he raised his eyebrow. Did this kid have game or not!? After the awkward none hug he assumed the whole thing was hopeless, but that line was... smooth? He could almost hear his sister's heart eyes.

And then Serena was talking too, saying thanks and giving her own compliments which... he was at least impressed they weren't nearly as bad or as awkward as he'd expect. Wait... did his younger sister have game too???? But then she said something about being a flawless queen and he nearly GAGGED.

Question regarding Serena's game answered.
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