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Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post

"Nice to meet you, Claudine." He definitely remembered her from classes, as she usually said something insightful and he did like to hear the older girl's thoughts. He was just terrible at remembering names, so if he'd heard it before... he'd most likely forgotten. Oops.

"I hope he has variations." Because the s'mores were starting to sound delicious and he'd much rather have his favorite type. It was quite possible if he searched his bag thoroughly too though, part of his own sweet stash would be hidden in there. He couldn't quite remember if he had restocked or not.

This was good so far. She seemed to have not thought his suggestion was rubbish either so he pushed that one up towards the other they had already had written down. Evan couldn't help but nod his head at her question about if muggles did alright, though he didn't like to openly show his blood status after last term... he had lived for 11 years without knowing anything of magic and his parents did fine without it. "They've invented loads of things, like different methods of transportation and machines to make their lives easier. Most of them don't know any different on there being magic in existence anyways."

He knew she wasn't wrong, but it was hard to not still flinch slightly at the words as he nodded. He didn't get the feeling she was someone who believed that though, so at least there was that? "You're not wrong. I think there's also assumptions that muggles aren't people, but rather an insect to be squashed." Which did go hand in hand with what she had said already. "I think some also think that muggles wouldn't fight back if there was a take over." Though they might have been at a disadvantage, he couldn't see people sitting back and taking it - even if the Neo-alliance had won the war.

Evan surely got that right; that was exactly the point Claudine was trying to make {she usually didn’t explain herself well}. Talking these points over with Evan really think about it now just how brilliant Muggles were. Some of them, anyway. The girl was quite positive that there were dunderhead Muggles, as much as there were dunderhead witches and wizards. Like her family. Yes, her family whom she had practically abandoned by now.

Claudine’s observational skill came in useful as she noted the flinch. “Sorry,’’ she muttered. Only the stupid wizarding folks agreed with her assumption just given. The girl busied herself by writing their third assumption. Their fourth too because it made sense. “Because they’re weak,’’ Claudine added with a nod of understanding to Evan’s words.

“You think four assumptions are good enough? I really want to sink my teeth into some s’mores.” And watch the assumptions burn.
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