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Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post
Oh dear.

While most of the bloodhounds who escaped have been accounted for, one somehow remained unaccounted for...until now.

Laying alone in the corridor with empty eyes is that bloodhound. Their slightly mangled fur hides a group of puncture wounds on the creature's neck.
Albert had been to every floor in search of the hounds all bloody morning, and it was safe to say that he was more than annoyed to be doing such legwork when he had a lot of papers to attend to. Everybody knew that the papers wouldn't sign itself, and given the bureaucracy of the Ministry, it would likely take him another couple of weeks to get things going on his end.

While his paperworks were at the back of his mind, at the forefront though were the bloodhounds escape. He'd planned to meet up with the Beings Division, who by the way was supposed to be helming the retrieval of the hounds, and give them a piece of his mind.

Albert took another turn, carefully eyeing each room until he stumbled upon a lump of fur not too far away from where he stood. The man could feel his insides turn upside down as he drew his wand out from its holster as he carefully approached the lifeless form of the creature. Albert's face fell when he saw the dead bloodhound, his eyes gazing on the mangled fur.

The man raised his wand arm and sent out his winged horse patronus to his team alerting them to what he found, requesting their immediate attention too.

"This... is beyond normal."

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