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Originally Posted by Sunflower View Post
This was the last of the month-long dragon retrieval missions. Carson was glad that almost all of the escaped dragons were returned to the Welsh Dragon Reserve. It meant that both humans and the dragons were safer, and that the Ministry was doing a decent job. He really hoped their next big assignment would involve less dangerous creatures. Like house elves. They would be much easier to convince to return home.

The 19-year-old looked up when Aurora began to give orders. He planned to keep track of everyone's tasks so that if anything happened to someone, he could find out quickly and alert the leaders. So Darej, Krzysztof and Albert were working with the small male, Rasting and Mordaunt with the nesting female. And then there was him, the non-Dragonologist. "Yes, Ms Bagnold. They're all here." He nodded and gestured beside him at the cages, equipments and pile of clothes that he brought along.

He felt like he already had a lot to do, like double- and triple-checking the magical protection on the cages, but first things first: the employees' safety. Taking some supplies from his pile, Carson approached the first DIMC person he saw. "Ms Tomás. Please drink this Fire Protection Potion," he handed her a bottle of blue liquid, "and here is your fireproof gear, complete with gloves and boots. Let me know if you need anything else." Or if she did not need something that he gave her - perhaps she was already fireproofed? He could not tell. He just had to offer extra assistance to employees of the other department as part of his job. Giving her a quick smile, he moved on to give other people the equipment they needed.
Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post
"Keep and eye on the one circling. It's likely to attack as." Her eyes had been watching it while the group gathered on the sand. "I'm pretty sure it's the nesting mother's mate." Oh Georgia liked this one, she thought watching Bagnold give orders. She had her priorities straight. Let the experts handle the hard ones, aka the nesting mother. They had worked well together so far on this recovery mission. Bagnold was smart and wiped fast with a wand and thanks to her fast thinking there had been surprisingly minimal injuries on this mission.

Good. She'd head up the dragonologists teams. "I'd wait for that adolescent dragon to pounce and then while he's busy eating stun him." She pointed to her eyes while talking to Bagnold. Dragons were their most vulnerable there remember people! "We'll try and drive the others down here towards you." Georgia gave Bagnold a smile. Then turned in a circle and said a bit louder, "Dragonologists! After me. We've got a small hike ahead of us it seems." Because she was sure that the nesting mother wasn't going to leave that cliff.

There was a slight pep in her old step as she headed off to the hiking path. Soon all of her precious babies dragons would be back home where they would be safe.
Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

Darej smiled pleasantly at Jessica accepting her hand to shake, "Darej Patteron, Magical Beast Enforcement Officer." He said, they worked on different floors so it wasn't uncommon to consider that they hadn't met before. Chuckling as he added, "I like to think of myself as a Jack-of all trades.." So nope, not a dragonologist.

The real dragonologists were arriving, he gave them his usual 'sup nod' individually at them (Kurumi, Krzysztof, Mordred) while the rest of his department (Albert and Carson) came into focus. So they were splitting up, makes sense, as Darej nodded at the instructions. "Sounds good to me," Darej said. Hopefully, the small one didn't fancy a feast of three men instead of a seal when they approach, but he wasn't worried. They were working with experts, after all.

Keep an eye on the one flying. Got it. Georgia directed that they wait until the dragon started his feast before attacking. So that was two to watch out for. Darej didn't draw his wand out just yet in case they were spotted, but he had it at the ready. Sticking with Albert and Krzysztof as directed he anticipated for the action to take place.
Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Yes. He should've just lied to this healer and said that he still wasn't fit enough to go to work. This was the legwork of all time. He was old and cranky and just could not believe what he was hearing.

His gaze went from Bagnold to Temple, and then back to Bagnold. Likely to attack them? Well that sounded promising, and he'd been assigned to it too. But then again, he used to be a man of action. No words, no fuss, just pure action and get the job done no matter what it takes. Maybe he could draw strength from his youth... and his new hip set. Thank Merlin he got that done at the very least.

With his usual demeanour in place, Albert got his own set of dragon paraphernalia and applied it to himself. He wasn't going to be dragon chow today or any day. He was way too dignified to die in that manner.

Once he was done preparing himself, Albert joined the team he was assigned to, standing by Patterson and Krzysztof as he too eyed the circling dragon, and waited for the first signs of the dragon's attack on the pup seals, with his wand at the ready on his side.


It took a moment for the others to arrive, but Mordred had made use of the precious time by preparing himself for the mission. He had a hunch that they were going to be assigned one dragon each, but it seems that more had shown up to the call, and he was personally impressed. While donning his dragonhide suit, his eyes and ears were on the people in charge of the mission, taking note of the first set of instructions for the non-dragonologists. His gaze lingered on Albert, knowing full well what his bossman was thinking. If anything, Mordred was confident that Mr. Morgenstern would be able to pull it off; he used to be his professor too in Magical Creatures when he transferred to Durmstrang.

Mordred hid his amused grin when Bagnold called Kurumi Hollingberry, giving him a small wave of nostalgia from when they were in their teens. It really did feel like they were back in Hogwarts with Roro the Dragon, only this time, said dragon assigned to them was the nesting one-- wait. What? Upon tying his shoelaces, Mordred stood up and looked at Kurumi when asked if it was okay to work with her. "Hm." he said in response, tilting his head in thought. "If she got cookies, then yes." Mordred grinned in amusement as he slung his rucksack over his shoulder and followed the Reserve keeper up towards the trail.

"Just... no tooting this time, Hollingberry." he added, in jest.
Originally Posted by DRAGON! View Post
Quite the commotion was suddenly happening on the beach the dragons had claimed as their own. Humans were silly to think the four Norwegian Ridgebacks would leave their new-old home without a fight.

The female let out a puff of smoke, shuffling her wings as she settled back into her nest, on high alert for anyone who thought they could be a predator to a dragon.

The young male, not as wise or alert to intruders as the others, leapt off the cliff, diving toward the water, where he promptly scooped up a large seal, and flew briefly in a circle before landing back where it had been perched with his seal snack.

The third dragon, unsettled by all the commotion of the humans on the beach, took off to join the fourth overhead. Circling...circling...first one dragon, and then the other let out two roars before swooping low over the humans gathered below. One accompanied his roar with a stream of flame, not aimed at the humans...yet. A warning. Get off their beach.
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
There was a reason Jessica wasn't, like, a dragon person. This was one of those reasons.

Fireproofing had not been on her mind. So Kurumi Rasting's question wasn't offensive at all; it was helpful. "Nope. I'll get on that. gloves." Had that been in the directions/paperwork? Maybe. Jessica hadn't really...been her usual suave, on-top-of-things self lately, and it was a moment of stupidity for her. And she felt guilty. But she merely smiled appreciatively at Kurumi Rasting and the others joining them. A few burly, tough looking blokes.

And...the annoyingly superior attitude of a one Aurora Bagnold. Luckily for her, Jessica WASN'T in heels or a skirt...she was literally in comfortable active-wear. All she needed to do was grab some clothes and fireproof her clothing. Something about the woman's whole vibe made Jessica raise an eyebrow at her, but she saved the attitude. There were important matters at hand. "Got it." She clenched her teeth and nodded. Her assistant was much better. Not assuming at all, and not acting like Jessica was a complete dudderhead or anything. "Thank you, sir," she nodded her head and took the potion AND the gloves.

She nodded at Darej as she got herself ready. There were suddenly a LOT of people here, and Jessica felt like one of the few IMC people here. Which meant she was one of the few people here who was NOT familiar with creature stuff. Nothing like being outside your comfort zone, right? It was a humbling experience in some ways. Having to rely on others and not be in total control over something had always been a struggle for Jessica.

She was unsure of where to go now, though? "Just let me help in whatever way I won't get in any pros way," Jessica said as she nodded firmly, ready to be of assistance. To the group at large...mostly this Georgia woman, and Bagnold.

"Good, good!" Aurora nodded in approval to Carson. Her assistant was on top of things and had everything they needed to be successful. She was glad that he so swiftly got Ms Tomas sorted with clothes, a fire protection potion and all the things. After this mission Carson deserved a pay raise, just like Darej and Albert.

Hearing Georgia's warning, Aurora raised her gaze to look up at the circling dragon. If he really was the nesting mother’s mate then he might attack them to protect his mate before this mission was over. A possible complication. She’d make sure there were minimal injuries if she could help it. The advice Georgia gave to wait until the dragon was snacking before stunning it was smart. Aurora returned the older woman’s smile, as she pulled her wand out. "Sounds like a solid plan, Georgia! I’ll prepare the rest of the team here for the confrontation to come. Wait, until we’ve caught the small male before you drive the other dragons towards us." They could use that as a signal.

Aurora watched Georgia head off with Kurumi and Modred before she turned her attention to the team still with her on the beach meaning Darej, Kryzstozf, Albert and ordering as she saw the smaller male settle with it’s seal snack. "It’s time to attack! Come on men!" Pulling her wand out Aurora turned to her assistant. "Carson, do you feel up to joining in the attack or do you want to hang back and guard the equipment?" She wouldn’t think less of him no matter what he chose. Her assistant was still a young man in her eyes. It was then that the circling dragon’s let out roars followed by a stream of hot flame.

"Watch out everyone! The dragons have spotted us and they aren’t showing their friendly sides." The dragons weren’t happy, that was for sure. Letting her eyes pause on Ms Tomas that now was dressed to aid in the attack Aurora ordered. "Ms Tomas, hurry to catch up to Ms Temple's group! You can help best with the nesting mother, and her potential eggs." And it would get her out of Aurora’s hair for a while at least. Not waiting for an answer she sped up to a sprint as she ran towards the snaking male dragon with her wand out.
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