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Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
Ollie was still working on her map of the school. It was a large castle, so it was going to take a while. This time she left Pepper at her dorm, since last time she decided to wander on her own.

She found her way outside on the pathways, a few students littered along the way. She wasn't the best drawer but was having fun creating her little drawings of the school to study. She was in the middle of sketching a small tree when she heard a thud. She looked up to find - was that Remy? - sprawled on the ground, books scattered around her.

Closing her notebook she hurried over to check on her. "Oh my! Are you alright?" She laughed in her head since this was oh so similar to the time she and Remy had met. She bent down to collect the girl's books and reached out to grab a notebook that had opened itself.
Someone was coming. SOMEONE WAS COMING!!!!!!

Remy flung herself at her open notebook which was covered in big red hearts and snapped it shut before the person had a chance to pick it up, she hadn't even realised at this point who it was. Remy breathed a sigh of relief when she noticed it was Ollie. Even if Ollie had seen more of the details in the notebook, Remy figured she could trust her with the information. But only if she had seen, Remy was not going to just tell her.

"Ollie." She breathed. "Thank Merlin it is you. Yes, I'm alright, must've slipped on a rock." Or slipped over nothing because Remy seemed to be the clumsiest person alive.

The Gryffindor piled her books on top of each other and then sat on top of them. "Wanna sit for a bit? You can sit on one of my books, if you want." She needed to take a breather. "I feel like I haven't seen you in AGES." Apart from regular classes, of course. It was hard having seven floors between friends.
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