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Originally Posted by Deezerz View Post
Serena caught Lisa's reaction to her comment and had a little moment to wonder about it. She didn't pursue it. Not now, anyway. Maybe after class was over because she WAS curious where Lisa stood on this subject. Especially with the recent war and all.

"That's another one I've heard," she said with a nod. After writing down Lisa's following assumption, Serena contributed with, "They murder magical folk because they are jealous or fear we are more powerful than them."

She was so focused on the subject at hand that she almost forgot about the treats Schmoe had for them. It wasn't until her nose caught the scent of burnt marshmallow. She could could do with a toastie one.
Lisa nodded, writing down the addition that Serena had provided as well to the list. As she stared down at the pieces of parchment, she longingly looked over to the bonfire. Well what do you say about roasting these and some delicious marshmallows? How do you like your marshmallows toasted?

Lisa here with the important questions. Obviously.
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