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Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
Ollie did the mental math. If they had gotten her at two months old on Christmas two years ago..... "She either just turned two, or is turning two." That seemed about right. "I got her for Christmas, but she was a few months old already."

She smiled imagining what home life with Evan and Lisa, and of course the rest of the family, would be with an old cat. She imagined that he and Lisa didn't get along. Jinx being older and grumpy and Lisa being excitable and hyper. Also, she didn't really seem like a cat person. "I guess we're friends. We talked a few times and she's really nice!" She reassured that she did indeed like his sister. Evan seemed nice as well, not really being bothered by Pepper or being weirded out by Ollie's handshake (which surprisingly a lot of people were).
"Aahh, so still a little bit like a kitten?" He petted the cat again, briefly. "Seems like she was a good Christmas present. It's nice it was a cat too so that you could actually bring her to school with you too." The strict rules on what was allowed pet wise was a bit of a bummer sometimes, though he certainly understood why students weren't allowed to bring dogs.

Although... he did wonder why faculty was okay with a peacock?? Though that was for a Professor.

She would have imagined right in at least one sense, as Lisa was much more attached to her lizard, Pascal, like the little Rapunzel she was. Ev never really paid attention to how much she and Jinx got along from there. "She is really nice. She can be trouble though." So just, subtle warning there. Lisa did not intend to be trouble and yet... Evan would be unsurprised if her schemes and antics landed people in detention. Unless she could puppy dog eye her way out. "Are you a first year this term as well?"
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