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Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
"This is a waste of time and not worth mine." Pax said, not looking up. Not technically a suggestion. "You do what you want to do." or did Ivy Grimm need hand-holding?

Pax turned her page again.
...Alright then. Maaaaybe this would be harder than she hoped.

But then again, maybe that was fine? It wasn't like this group work was difficult. And it was going to get burned up in the fire anyway. Was Professor Schmoe going to turn all the ashes back into paper after class to check their work? Unlikely.

So Ivy shrugged. "Just thought I'd ask." She jotted down a few obvious assumptions on her parchment then glanced at the page Pax had turned to. "Care to share what you're reading?" Maybe it was something Ivy didn't know yet. Learning something new would be nice, since this first lesson had been more devoted to feelings and dealing with last term than truly teaching her something new.

Text Cut: Assumptions
Dumb wizard assumptions about Muggles:
- Weak
- Ignorant
- Intolerant
- Mostly just no magic = sad
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