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Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
Remy needed a bit of fresh air after spending a few hours in the library. It was super quiet in there and she felt it was time to get out and actually see people, maybe she'd even pluck up the courage to talk to someone. Nah, probably not.

With her books held tight in front of her as she walked through the pathways, Remy didn't have any hands free to cover the huge yawn she let out. "Aaaaaahhh..." It was one hell of a yawn.

The blonde looked for a space to sit so that she could rest, and she stumbled over thin air and fell forwards. She managed to regain her balance but her books went kerplUNK on the floor, her notebook opening wide for the world to see.

Ollie was still working on her map of the school. It was a large castle, so it was going to take a while. This time she left Pepper at her dorm, since last time she decided to wander on her own.

She found her way outside on the pathways, a few students littered along the way. She wasn't the best drawer but was having fun creating her little drawings of the school to study. She was in the middle of sketching a small tree when she heard a thud. She looked up to find - was that Remy? - sprawled on the ground, books scattered around her.

Closing her notebook she hurried over to check on her. "Oh my! Are you alright?" She laughed in her head since this was oh so similar to the time she and Remy had met. She bent down to collect the girl's books and reached out to grab a notebook that had opened itself.
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