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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
The answer, dear Kale, was because sometimes Phoebe just wanted to watch the world burn, but he was kind and good, so that answer wouldn't make a lick of sense. She released his hand and picked up her quill to take notes. Anything he said, that was the right answer. He could recite poetry, and she'd write it down.

She sort of wished he would.

Instead, he listed the things he liked about Muggles, and while that wasn't strictly the assignment, it was absolutely something she could get behind. "Flushing toilets. I can't even imagine life without those. Those iced coffee drinks with whipped cream and a little drizzle of caramel? Fashion magazines. I know we stole those from them." Maybe it wasn't the most noble collection, but it was honest.
Who cared about noble when there was a horrible version of reality where Vogue didnít exist? Fifi was right and she should say it. He was also quietly relieved when she didnít blink as he started to riddle off the good assumptions he made about Muggles. He was physically sick of the negativity. It messed with his head and made him...less. The sixth year had spent all summer combating those feelings so he wasnít gonna let any professor, not even the Schmoe, drag him back down.

ďIced coffee makes me jittery,Ē he added helpfully. Kale was the kind of kid that probably didnít need caffeine. But the caramel part sounded delicious so maybe heíd been wrong all along.
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